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To follow the Hero

Pledged to Evil's Bane

Wombat the Wombat
This thing's stupid, it gives you a choice of countries so you can't say "Hyrule" or even "Other". It's as stupid as not being able to have elephant as your password! Well Hyrule's where I want to live and that's where I'll claim to live, whatever they say. I can play the guitar! My guitar is called Nehemiah and is gorgeous. We're betrothed. God rocks and I'm not gonna go into a big thing about Him here because it annoys me. Contextually. I think the only logical thing to really do with this space is fill it with bad and recurring jokes, most of which have probably appeared in Alan's signatures.

A man walks into his flat to discover everything he owns as been replaced by an exact duplicate. His flatmate walks in and says "Do I know you?"

It makes you happy but it makes you want to fight.
It makes you think you're the only one that's right!
It makes you think you're the best there is,
For no good reason at all!

The one about the locket and the sound that doesn't work in text.


Did you know, three years ago each Friday was an exact reversal of the other, swapping Geography for German.

The knight and the pickled onion.

A man is walking through the jungle when he comes across an elephant with a thorn in its foot. The man stops and takes the thorn out. The elephant says "Thank you, is there anything I can do in return?" The man replies "Yes, take me to the other side of the jungle."
A few years later the man is at the citcus and sees an elepahnt coming towards him. He thinks it must be the elephant he helped years before. The elephant picks him up, and smashes him on the ground.
It was the wrong elephant.

Two birds are stood on a perch and one says "Can you smell fish?"

A man cultivates his roses with a stick, and his daughter cultivates her sticks with a rose. What is his wife's name?

A man buys a cabbage. Why?

Death is too good for people who make puns. They should be hung, drawn and quoted.

A pun is it's own reword.

"When I was in juniors I was expelled because the kid next to me was smoking."
"Why were you expelled?"
"I was the one who set him on fire."

Haven't seen you much today!

Attach panel A to panel B, making sure to algin units J and K. Use the allen key provided.


I saw your face on the telly, and you looked like a nice bloke.


I now have no idea why I would want elephant as my password.